Our company offers a wide range of exclusive services

In addition to our products, MAXCOM offers plenty of unique services, further setting us apart from our competitors and cementing the relationship with our clients. 

Our goal is to simplify the process, add convenience wherever possible and rapidly solve any problems in addition to providing quality services.

Remote IT Support

Our Remote Support Engineers provide assistance to our end users via phone or on our ‘Facebook Live Chat’ platform. Common duties include installing software, diagnosing technical issues, upgrading services or applications and checking workstation performance.

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Installation and Tech Support Team

MAXCOM currently has 17 operational vehicles on the road. Each vehicle consists of a 2-3 man crew working on new installations, tech support visits or equipment repair. Plans to add 2 new vehicles and installation crews in 2021 are underway.

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Emergency Repair Services

MAXCOM has an emergency crew on call during all holidays and office closures ready to mobilize for a variety of reasons. Tropical storms, construction accidents and general wear and tear can occur at any time and we ensure that our subscribers are not left without services.

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Call center

MAXCOM’S Call Center is available 7 days a week from 7am – 11pm local time. Our Call Center employees are fully bilingual and offer assistance in technical support, sales and payment options.

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Facebook Live Chat

In keeping with the times, social media has become a giant in the communications world. We offer a ‘Live Chat’ via Facebook Messenger, operating in conjunction with our Call Center to provide technical support, sales information and payment options. The Facebook Live Chat is staffed 7 days per week from 7am – 11pm and offers a guaranteed response time of under 5 minutes.

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5 Office Locations

We understand that face to face interaction is still the preferred method of communication for many of our subscribers. To support this need, we have 5 office locations servicing our clientele from 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday and 8am – 12pm on Saturday. Our customer service agents are friendly, bilingual members of the team who are trained in product knowledge and sales. They are responsible for the bulk of new subscription contracts.

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Head End / Flag Ship Store

Our Flag Ship store sees the most consumer traffic and houses our technical department head end and equipment. Multiple departments operate within the building, creating a unified team working towards a common end goal.

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This year, COVID-19 created an issue of safety and medical concerns for our staff and subscribers alike. In order to accommodate the new biosecurity measures the world was facing, we introduced ‘E-Contracts’ as a new service. Clients can now remotely sign new installation contracts or change their current subscription packages from the comfort of their home via email.

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