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Cable Tv

We offer a wide variety of cable tv programming for every member of the household! With plenty of content including national and international channels in both Spanish and English, children’s shows, movies, news, sports, series, soap operas, documentaries, music and entertainment in general – there’s something for everyone with MAXTV!


MAXCOM offers the client the ability to enjoy all available HD content on our channel grid free of charge with any cable subscription. In the event that a client does not have an HD compatible television, they can rent an HD Box from MAXCOM, thus allowing them to receive the HD channels as normal. 

Fiber Optic Cable and Internet

Fiber Optic cables provide more bandwidth for carrying more data than the standard copper cables of the same diameter. The speed of data transmission in Fiber Optics is faster in both uploads and downloads because its core allows the signal to travel almost at the speed of light! Fiber Optic cables are also immune to temperature changes, severe weather and moisture – all of which can hamper the connectivity of traditional coaxial cable. This means a stronger, clearer and more secure data transmission.

Wireless Internet

Increased mobility: Wireless Networks allow mobile users to access real time information so they can roam around the company or space without getting disconnected from the network. Installing a wireless network system also reduces cables, which can be cumbersome. The installation is quick and easy in comparison to a traditional network. The wireless network can be extended to places in your organization that are not accessible for wires and cables. Should your network change in the future, you can easily update the wireless network to meet new configurations. Remote IT management from the service provider is also a huge benefit!


VOIP stands for ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol’. A VOIP system works by taking your analog voice signals, converting them into digital signals, then sending them as data over your broadband line. It is a very useful way of making calls and once it’s set up, it’s a lot cheaper than using normal phone lines.


Security – USIP Service + Static / Public IP

USIP Service: This service is similar to that of a VPN service and gives the client access to sites over the internet which are not accessible in Honduras, such as foreign banking apps, or streaming content. ‘IP Address’ stands for internet protocol address; it is an identifying number that is associated with a specific computer or computer network. When connected to the internet, the IP address allows the computers to send and receive information.

Security Surveillance Systems Management

The security management is responsible for the security management process and follows the three main security principles which are availability, confidentiality and integrity. Other responsibilities include risk assessment and analysis which result in security policies, information classification and security-awareness training of the personnel.


MAXCOM offers you a steady phone service so that  you can communicate more and missing less. With MAXCOM connectivity, you can make local calls to numbers as well as international long distance calls, with by-the-minute rates using an EMTA (Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter).

Plans include the following special features at no added cost:

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