In order to meet the needs of our residential and corporate users, we provide an internet service that is the fastest actual speed to download or upload all types of files. Also, we provide uptime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to play online and experience more continuous Internet navigation.

Discover the new way of watching television with MAXCOM. We provide channels in high definition, so you experience the best in entertainment, along with the best programming and unsurpassed resolution. We offer more HD channels than any other company in Roatan.
To see HD TV it is necessary to have a HD decoder. The “standard" decoders cannot provide content in high definition.

MAXCOM offers you a fixed telephony service so you are now communicating more and missing less. With MAXCOM connectivity, you will have a fixed telephony service so that you can make local calls to cell phones and national or international long distance calls, with by-the-minute rates using an EMTA (Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter). Using this service we provide two independent telephone lines and simultaneous Internet service, without affecting the telephone connections.
Plans include the following special features at no added cost:

  • Free calls to MAXCOM numbers
  • Re-routing of calls
  • Re-dialing if the line is busy
  • Re-dialing if there is no reply
  • Selective call blocking
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • Three party conference calls
  • Blocking of anonymous calls
  • Virtual PBX configuration

Our wireless Internet is a wide-band service with commercial plans designed for the differing needs of our users to achieve the best balance for our customers. We do this by creating the best balance between technology and service. As a customer of MAXCOM you will enjoy technology and services found nowhere else.

Our products are based on the implementation of expertly designed security solutions. We offer installation, configuration, and implementation of the security system, and installation of IP security cameras.

MAXCOM provides customers the opportunity to use a broad spectrum of solutions ranging from the installation of a simple security camera, with which to see anywhere in a home environment, to the installation of a security center, locally or remotely (inside or outside the location where cameras are installed).

To make the implementation of this system possible there are a number of devices that must seamlessly work together. We use high or low range equipment for residential or those that need more professional solutions (to cover wide areas, or to compatibly integrate with other devices, etc.) For this reason we emphasize that, in each situation, we carefully assess the needs of each of our subscribers.

We offer a wide variety of channels providing national and international programs. We also offer a wide variety of of types of programs; TV, movies, news, entertainment, sports, children, music, art, culture, world, and science. MAXCOM also offers a channel guide that tells you the programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Enjoy more fun and entertainment with our services through our expanded programming.

MAXCOM offers the best relationship between quality and price to our customers, and the possibility for companies to interconnect their headquarters to the world. The main advantage of this service is that it avoids high long-distance telephone charges. We do this is by assigning a US phone number to each call so that the cell or landline call is billed at the local price. This translates to considerable savings for calls. The bandwidth that the customer is assigned will not be affected by making use of VOIP since navigation and audio are implemented separately so there will not be any problems when making or receiving calls.