Max TV Cable Services Inc., formerly known as Cable Color Roatan, is a leader in communications on the island of Roatan and a company dedicated to providing stable and reliable internet services, television, and voice over IP phone services to homes and businesses throughout the Island. Max TV Cable Services was founded in 1989 by Charles Leeker McNab and is managed today by his son, Duane McNab. Duane, along with a highly trained staff and the most modern technology available, is able to respond quickly and effectively to any and all demands the people and businesses of Roatan may have.


Our goal is to provide and maintain the most reliable services on Roatan and to revolutionize its telecommunications network by creating new and innovative services and experiences in entertainment, communication and information, that will exceed the expectations of our customers.


We aim to be the leader in the telecommunications market in the island region by implementing modern, cutting-edge technology and quality-of-service. Meeting these goals will benefit our customers and ourselves, and strengthen the recognition of subscribers and the community.


We strive to maintain a stable, efficient, and efficient network for the development of the island, its investors, businesses and homes, creating solid professional relationships.


Customer Focus: Everyone in our company is committed to know and understand the needs of our customers, so that, based on our experience, we can develop appropriate solutions to meet their expectations, and eventually exceed them. We recognize that the satisfaction of our subscribers is the source and inspiration of our company’s growth and improvement.

Responsibility: Conscious of what this commitment means, we ensure compliance with all our obligations, both internal and external, legal and regulatory. By doing so we gain the confidence of all our subscribers.

Integrity: Our commitment to honesty, transparency, and consistency drives the company and sets the basis for all of our policies.

Innovation: Always two steps ahead, Maxcom maintains its lead with the most modern technology, innovative leadership, and organized staff; all of which help sustain the island’s development and growth. Working with state-of-the-art networking, software, and fiber-optic cabling, we provide the ideal product mix for our clientele.

Team spirit: We know the benefits of teamwork, the interrelation of processes, and area linking. We know that new ideas, the spirit of service, respect, and collaborative learning will create an appropriate environment for the successful development of people and business. This is why we promote a working environment where relationships and accountability flow with warmth, respect, and a commitment to service.