Frequently Asked Questions

1. What days and where can I pay?
Monday through Saturday at any of our agencies located throughout the island

2. How I can pay?
a) Via Credit card at any of our agencies island wide.
b) Online at Maxcom On Line, with your 6 digit customer code and with any major credit card. (Please Note, an online account must be requested and activated before online payments can be accepted.)

3. What day is service cut off dates?
To avoid service interruptions, all pending bills must be paid before the last day of every month..

4. What days are late fees applied?
The surcharge is generated on the 16th of every month.

5. What do I need to contract or acquire a service from Maxcom?
For more infoformation you can call 2454-7070 or 8730-2675, or email us at You can also go to our Facebook page, These will connect you with one of our sales agents, which include mobile contract personnel.

6. What do I need to have to take advantage of digital television and High Definition (HD)?
a) A TV with HDMI inputs, and/or a built-in MP4 HD tuner. We take care of anything else you need. If your TV does not have a tuner, you can purchase one for $75 at any office.
b) Contract services Maxcom